The Chesney Trust for Education in Malawi (The Chesney Trust) is a charitable unincorporated association, registered as a Scottish Charity – No SC037540, and the purposes and administration arrangements are set out in our constitution and governance manual.  The Government of Malawi has endorsed the project and as a result the Council for Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi (CONGOMA) has granted The Chesney Trust Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) status.

The CEO Janet Chesney (who is unpaid) oversees the project through the running of an office in Malawi, with one paid employee – the office manager.


The UK Board of The Chesney Trust is responsible for policymaking, financial controls, and fund raising.  It has no employees and trustees are not paid expenses.

The UK Trust makes an annual return to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).  A copy of the latest Annual Report and Financial Statements are available.  The Trust in Malawi prepares financial statements for each financial year in line with the requirements of the Malawi Government and the Malawi Revenue Authority.  The audited accounts are presented to CONGOMA and the NGO Board.

Malawian Board

The separate Malawian Board of Trustees is responsible for policy implementation, recruitment of local Malawians, and monitoring and controlling expenditure on projects being implemented.  There is a Memorandum of Understanding linking the two boards.  Proposals from the Board of Trustees in Malawi are submitted to the Scottish Board who review them and have to give their approval before that part of the project can proceed.  It is in this aspect that Scottish expertise adds value in ensuring that the project is sound and represents good value for money and responds to the wishes and desires of the community.

The running of the Edinburgh Girls’ High School, Engcongolweni, is overseen at present by the Malawian Board of Trustees, who monitor progress, set fees and class sizes and arrange ceremonies such as graduation.