Sponsor a Child

School fees are MK 175,000 (about £ 190) per term.   In order to assist girls who would not be able to attend school without financial support, we have set up a bursary scheme.  At present we support 11 pupils, but would like to help more.  Please consider funding a bursary either alone or with others.  For further details please fill in the form below and we will contact you


“When I finish school I will help my parents through having a job and earning money. I want to study hard at school and gain good grades as I want to go to university to study to be a doctor. I will also encourage my brothers and sisters to work hard so that we can help our mother and father.”


“The importance of education to my life is when I finish school I want to be a police woman. I will need good grades in my MSCE for this job. I want this job as I want to catch thieves and I want to help kids in my area to go to school. Another importance of education in my life is that if I work hard and get a good job then I can help my parents.”

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“I want to become a doctor so that I must be helping sick people in Malawi and so that I must help my parents. As of now I want to work hard in school so that my promise should be fulfilled and so that I must have good points in my MSCE. When I finish school I must also encourage my fellow learners so that they must work hard when they are in class.”



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