Janet, originally from Scotland, volunteered to teach in a girls’ secondary school in Malawi from 2004-2006. While there, she saw the great need for increasing the access to secondary school education for girls, many of whom don't get the opportunity for secondary education as there is limited space, and priority is given to boys.

Janet was offered land by the Mbano family to build a school in the area of Engcongolweni in northern Malawi. She considered other areas but accepted this offer as the area was deprived of basic amenities, and she knew that the opening of a school here would have a big positive impact on the community. 

Janet established the Chesney Trust for Education in Malawi in 2006, with the aim of supporting the development and running of the school.

Over 12 years on and we've achieved the following: 

  • Well-established school

  • 160 girls and 9 staff

  • Many support staff from the local community

  • Thriving nursery of over 30 children

  • Good quality buildings in place

  • Water supply

  • Solar power